Welcome to “All Skin Care Talk”

From a very young age, I became amazed by the skin and it’s complexity. So when I was old enough to understand, I knew that skin care was my passion. As a result, through the years, my love for skin care lead me to purchase numerous skin care products.

These products were from countries like America, France and Korea, all to  improve the quality of my skin. However,  as I grew older, I realized that so many products on the market overwhelmed me, and made it impossible to choose what to buy.

My curiosity made me dive deeper into the skin care world, and saw myself discovering many new things. Things that I didn’t know before, good and bad.

My Skin Care Journey

Living in a place like Panama City, where skin care is still not of much importance, I was limited. Nonetheless, as the years went by thanks to the internet, I had access to every skin care book, products and machine from all over the world.

But still, I felt like it want enough, so it didn’t came to a surprise that once I graduated from high school, I enrolled in an aesthetics institute.

While I was there, I learned as much as I could about the skin, tips and tricks to consider, skin care products that actually work…

…and I will provide you all with insight into all of this, as well as, offer updated techniques along with pictures that aestheticians are currently using.

Aesthetics is truly a field where practice and trial and error matters, clearly I had to do whatever it took to be at the top of the competition and that meant working hard.

The Game Has Changed

I would spend days without sleeping, just studying, trying out products and skin machines, practicing so I could pick up different skills from videos I’d watch, and imitating some of the best aestheticians.

Any skincare product and skin related book I could get my hands on to improve, I bought, I didn’t want to be left behind.

The truth is, when it comes to clear skin, there are genetic limitations that affect your success but when you stumble upon stories like Cassandra Bankson ( a skincare and beauty youtuber from the US), you realize that if you work hard, anything can be overcome which in turn leads to skin improvement.

The content discussed here will be about improving one’s skin, focusing always on the best skincare products, tips and tricks of skincare, and how to correctly use skin machines.

Practice Leads To Perfection 

I had to learn the hard way that if I didn’t practice, I was never going to achieve perfection. Because deep down I didn’t only want to be good, I wanted to be the best. And to be the best I had to work, study and practice like I had never before, I did and eventually reached where I wanted to be.

I truly believe that, you can accomplish anything you want, if you put your mind into it.

So with that said check out my website and if you have anything to related to skin care that you would like to share, I would love to hear about it.

To a better looking skin,

Suyud Issa

Founder of All Skin Care Talk