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I wasn’t sure about buying the Mario Badescu Spray.

Reason being is I feel like they are just not as effective as other skincare products, but somehow my sister convinced me.

As a result, I ended up buying it because why not.

Truth be told, the Mario Badescu Spray exceeded my expectations.

Not a big fan of skin care sprays, so they were pretty low.

This facial spray, while, I don’t think it’s suited for people with dry skin it’s awesome for people with oily skin.

People who have oily skin, know the struggle of finding a good moisturizer.

Although, sprays aren’t as efficient as creams or gels, this one seems to work wonderfully!

Reasons Why I Love Mario Badescu Spray

Clearly, I love this spray so much that I have bought it 3 times now.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray

Mario Badescu Facial Spray

There are so many reasons I keep on buying the Mario Badescu Spray, the most import reason is:

  • The ingredients are natural: this spray has natural ingredients such as herbs and botanical extracts, those being aloe and rosewater, which is so much better and gentler on the skin.

Whenever, I come across skincare products that have natural ingredients I have already been sold.

When you’re submitting your skin to harsh chemicals, your skin damages and it ages faster!

The benefits of the main ingredients:


    • Soothes rashes and skin irritations.
    • It hydrates the skin.
    • It fights aging.
    • It has anti-inflammatory properties.


    • Helps maintain the skins pH balanced.
    • Helps control excess oil production.
    • It hydrates the skin.
    • It has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • The spray feels lightweight and it’s not sticky on the skin:  I have really oily skin, which means I’m always hesitant about trying new skin care products. If I dare try a product that doesn’t suit my skin type I break out immediately. However, while using this spray I have never broken out, my skin has maintained its balance.

Cruelty and Paraben Free

Cruelty and Paraben Free

The Advantages

This product like many others has it’s advantages, as well as, disadvantages.

  • The spray being lightweight is a huge advantage for us who have oily skin because: 
    • It won’t clog the pores.
    • It won’t feel sticky on the skin, personally, I find it quiet uncomfortable when a product is very sticky.
    • Your skin will not look greasy, which is something that really concerns me.
  • It has cleared my skin, I’ve been using this spray for a while and I have already seen improvement. I do wake up with a more fresh look than I used to.

The Disadvantages

Despite, the fact that this product is also meant for people with dry skin, I don’t believe it makes the cut.

  • Dry skin needs to be moisturized because it lacks oil, and the spray doesn’t moisturize enough.
  • The fragrance of the spray doesn’t sit well with people who are sensitive to smell.

Why I Use Mario Badescu Spray?

I use this spray because of the great results I have been able to witness.

I’m always looking for ways to give my skin the extra boost it needs and my goal is always to make it look fresh and radiant.

The Mario Badescu Spray has really done the trick for me.

How I Use Mario Badescu Spray?

Before, I wouldn’t have even considered incorporating a spray to my skin care routine, but I have.

I either hold the spray up a few inches far from my face and spray a couple of times.

Or spray it into a use a cotton pad and clean my skin, which gets rid of bacteria, sebum and buildup dirt.

Final Thought

In short, this product isn’t really suited for dry skin, since I feel like it’ll not moisturize this skin type as much as a cream would.

On the other hand, if you are a person who has oily skin, I do recommend you use because the Mario Badescu Spray has worked amazingly for  me and I have really been able to see results.