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I love mud masks so I went ahead and ordered the I’m From Volcanic Mask straight from Korea.

This mud mask deserves an award.

Ever since coming across Korean skincare, I have been infatuated.

For Koreans skincare is part of their lifestyle and that catches my attention; the secret behind being forever ageless.

I have tried SO many Korean skincare products, despite, some missing the mark on what the product is for, they are beneficial in other ways.

The fact that they put so much effort into their formulas and packaging is to be admired.

I’m From Volcanic Mask

I’m From Volcanic Mask

Truth be told, I have not been completely disappointed with any Korean skincare product I have tried.

Why I Love The I’m From Volcanic Mask

I’m From, is a Korean skincare brand, that focuses on incorporating clean natural ingredients into all of their products.

If you have been following me, you know I am a big supported of natural ingredients in skincare and that I have really sensitive skin.

When I ordered this mask a few years ago, I thought it would be like all mud masks out there.

Too dry, itchy and hard to apply.

However, I can’t stress enough how AMAZING this product has been for me.

After using all of my I’m From Volcanic Mask

After using all of my I’m From Volcanic Mask

The reasons I love this mask are:

  • Its main ingredients, those being volcanic rocks from Jeju Island, Kaolin, Bentonite, Whitenening 9 Complex (Daisy, Tulipa Madonna, Edelweiss, Lotus Flower, Freesia, Centella, Mulberry Root, Ginseng), have so many beneficial properties for the skin, such as:
    • It controls sebum, removes waste and dead skin cells deep inside the skin and unclogs pores.
    • It helps nourish the skin, tighten pores and whiten the skin.
  • It absorbs oil and sebum found on the skin almost immediately. I know this for a fact because a few minutes after using it, I could feel it sucking up the oil and sebum from  my skin.
  • It has a creamy and smooth consistency which allows easy application.

This face mask contains no harmful additives which is skin safe; a priority of mine!

The Advantages

This by far has to be one of my go-to masks.

It’s suited for all skin types, which I am hardly ever convinced when a brand makes such a claim.

Products are formulated different for different skin types.

But this face mask does seem to work for all types of skin.

If you have oily skin, it will absorb the oil up and if you have dry skin, because of the way the product is formulated it will give your complexion a fresh look.

Other great benefits this mud mask provides are:

  • Improves blood flow, for a younger looking skin.
  • Revitalizes and remineralize the skin.
  • Soothe rashes and irritations.
  • Removes toxins.
  • It clears acne.

There are so many advantages this mask has and if I were to mention them all I wouldn’t be able to.

I recommend this mud mask because it has helped improve the overall quality of my skin.

The Disadvantages

I always try to be as transparent as possible in my reviews.

There are so many skincare products that it’s overwhelming.

Most don’t have the money or time or both to find a product that suits them.

The reason, I created All Skin Care Talk is to be able to review products (since skincare is a passion of mine) so that you don’t have to waste money and time.

Also, getting real and truthful feedback from someone who has tried the product before will help you decide whether a product is suited for you or not.

Some disadvantages of this mask can be:

  • Fragrance, some people might not like the way this product smells; smells muddy.
  • If left to long, it can cause intense itch.

Why I Use The I’m From Volcanic Mask

My skin is very unpredictable, which means that I naturally have so many skincare products for various skin issues.

When I feel like my skin is SUPER oily, congested or that I’m about to breakout, I use the mask which helps tremendously.

How I Use The I’m From Volcanic Mask

This mask is very easy to apply, I use a skincare headband so that my hair doesn’t get dirty while I apply products.

Skincare Headband

Skincare Headband

I start off with washing my face with a cleanser (gel-based because I have acneic skin).

Then, I apply a bit of toner on a cotton pad and use it to clean my face even deeper.

Once the toner has completely dried, I take about quarter size of the mud mask with a skincare spatula (you can either use the product directly on your skin or can mix it with a few drops of water) and spread it all over my face; avoiding the eye area.

Last but not least, I leave it for 15 to 20 minutes usually or until it dried and rinse it off with cold water.

Final Thought

I can say with confidence this product can be used for oily and dry skin.

It is one of my favorite mud masks because of all its beneficial properties.

Not only that but the results I have received from using it have been skin changing.

I have always been concerned with oil and sebum control and this the mask has worked wonderfully absorbing sebum and oil almost instantly.

My pores have been more tighten and my skin clearer.

I will keep on buying this mud mask and so should you!


Have you tried this face mask? Has it worked for you? Let me know in the comments below!