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Today’s review is a special one as this was, one of the first Korean masks I tried.

Back in 2015, I had the opportunity to order a few Korean skincare products and this was one I was very eagered to try.

Whilst trying Korean products, I tapped into a whole new world I was unaware off so I wanted to know more about Korean skincare so I did some research.

It turns out that, Korean culture emphasizes on not only doing your best but also looking your best and they go to extreme lengths to do so (sometimes so far as to have plastic surgery).

Both genders are taught at a very young age the correct techniques and routines to take care of their skin.

As a result, their approach to skincare is different, they focus on prevention and treating the root of the skin problem.

In addition to this, their efforts for beautiful skin are consistent because they believe that you can be in control of your skin with time and effort.

Which I definitely agree on!

The Dr. Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Mask

The Dr. Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Mask is made of Canadian glacier clay which absorbs sebum and oatmeal and tea tree which help soothe the skin.

The packaging of this product is simple yet beautiful, I noticed the brand has since updated the design of the package.

Dr. Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Mask Packaging

Dr. Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Mask Packaging

If you use masks constantly, this one comes with a lot of product so it can last you a while.

My first impression was that the mask smelled very nice, I was surprised because I definitely thought that the clay would over power the fragrance but it didn’t.

Unlike other clay masks I have used which are more loosened, this one is more compact.

Glacial Clay Mask

Glacial Clay Mask

The Dr. Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Mask comes with a mini skincare spatula which should be used, otherwise, you’ll end up contaminating your skincare products with bacteria.

The Advantages

I have huge pores which are always getting clogged, so I’m always trying to maintain my pores clean.

The main ingredients of this mask provide the skin with so many benefits:

  • Canadian glacial clay: hydrates the skin, restores and balances the skins pH and speeds up the skins healing phase.
  • Oatmeal extracts: has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, treats acne by soaking up excess oil and it helps clean pores by removing dirt.
  • Tea tree extracts: has anti-inflammatory properties which help soothe and reduce redness and swelling.

Before using the masks, my pores where very congested and my skin looked dull.

Right after applying the mask, I immediately felt the cooling effect and I could see the impurities being drawn out of my pores.

As the mask dried, I could feel my skin and pores tightening.

For me, using the mask was very reliving as my skin felt smooth and fresh afterwards.

The Disadvantages

This mask is said to be suited for all skin types although, the mask was very soothing for me I have read that other with sensitive skin haven’t responded well.

So if you have sensitive skin, I suggest you do a patch test before applying it on your face.

As for my whiteheads, I didn’t see any difference which was a bit disappointing.

Also, I would have liked the cooling effect to last more so it could reduce more of my redness.

Why I Use The Dr. Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Mask?

I love using masks because constantly break out and masks help me be in control of my skin.

I use the Dr. Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Mask whenever my skin is congested and looks dull or needs a boost for a more clean complexion.

How I Use The Dr. Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Mask?

I follow my usual skincare routine which consists off cleansing, toning, masking, moisturizing and then I top it off with sunscreen.

So after toning, with the mini skincare spatula, I apply a thin layer of the Dr. Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Mask.

Thin layer of the Dr. Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Mask

Thin layer of the Dr. Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Mask

I leave it on for about 15 minutes or until it dries up and rinse it off with temperature water.

Final Thought

I love the Dr. Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Mask because it provides the skin with so many benefits despite its disadvantages.

The Canadian glacial clay found is one of the main ingredients of this mask and has been proven to hydrate the skin, restore and balance the skins pH and speed up healing.

Oatmeal and tea tree, the other two main ingredients, have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

If you’re someone who is in need of pore care because they might be congested or have dirt build up, the oatmeal soaks up oil and removes impurities out of the pores while tightening them as well. It helped me so I’m sure it will help you.

Once a week I have my weekly facial and right after extraction I apply this mask, I was also able to witness redness and swelling reduction after rinsing the mask off.

As someone who is constantly battling with her skin, I recommend the Dr. Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Mask because I personally have seen a difference on my skin!

Have you tried clay masks before? What are your thought on them? I would love to read your opinion!