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The Dermal Collagen Essence Full Face Facial Mask have been life saving and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to try them.

The truth is that the older I get, the harder and more conscious I become of keeping my skin healthy.

While having a balanced diet as well as consuming certain foods do help your skin, with age many of the natural occurring processes that keep our skin healthy and young deplete.

As a result, we are responsable of proving our skin with all the necessary foods, treatments and preventive measures to reduce premature aging.

Why I Love The Dermal Collagen Essence Full Face Facial Mask

Dermal is a Korean brand that has been developing products for skin care, healthcare and personal care since 2000.

The Dermal Collagen Essence Full Face Facial Mask comes with a pack of 16 sheet masks that contain vitamin E and collagen to keep the skin looking healthy.

One of the major causes of premature aging is dehydrated skin, however, hydrating the skin prevents this from happening.

As someone who suffers from skin dehydration, I have found sheet masks to be the best hydrators.

They are soaked with a high concentration of beneficial ingredients which are dissolved in the water phase, the mask prevents evaporation from happening extending the time the ingredients take to penetrate deep into the skin.

As a result, it force the skin to absorb hydration outperforming traditional skincare and the main reason I love the Dermal Collagen Facial Masks.

In addition to this, I also love the fact that these masks, as well as, all the products made by Dermal are cruelty free and have natural ingredients.

The Advantages

The Dermal Collagen Facial Masks, unlike the paste-type face masks that dry the skin out, are filled with vitamins and collagen.

Dermal provides a range of sheet masks each with a different target, from hydration to brightening to firming to soothing, to help with several skin issues.

The sheet masks each with a different target!

The sheet masks each with a different target!

It softens the skin and enhances elasticity by penetrating water deep into the epidermis.

In addition to this, they are very inexpensive for the amount of benefits it provides the skin with and easy to apply.

The Disadvantages

I am always very transparent with the disadvantages skincare products come with, the serum in cheap sheet masks evaporate quick preventing the ingredients from penetrating into the skin.

Honestly I didn’t experience any disadvantage from these masks, if anything it provided my skin with extra hydration.

However, I have read that some of the ingredients have cause an allergic reaction, therefore, irritating the skin.

Please read the ingredients and make sure you’re not allergic before applying ANY skincare product to your skin.

Why I Use The Dermal Collagen Essence Full Face Facial Mask?

I have very dehydrated skin, the Dermal Collagen Facial Masks provide the hydration my skin needs better than topical hydrators.

After my rhinoplasty, my eye area became unusually sensitive and my face swells up.

I like to use the Dermal masks frozen because cold temperatures cause the skin to constrict, reducing puffiness in tired and dehydrated skin.

How I Use The Dermal Collagen Essence Full Face Facial Mask?

I specifically use these masks whenever I have at least 20 to 30 minutes of my day available.

Unfortunately I know that for different reasons, most of us don’t count with free time during the day.

My suggestion is using them either at night or before you go to sleep, follow your usual skincare routine but instead of using a serum or hydrator you’ll apply one of these depending on what your goal is.

When opening the package, be careful not to spill liquid as the masks are soaked with serum.

They come folded so be gentle while unfolding them, otherwise, you’ll end up tearing them up.

Apply them tightly to the face for over 20 to 30 minutes, remove the mask and massage the leftover essence into your skin.

Final Thoughts

These Dermal Collagen Essence Sheet Masks are a great inexpensive alternative to topical hydrators because they penetrate vitamins and collagen deep into the skin, softening it and enhancing its elasticity.

It comes with a pack of 16 sheet masks which are very easy to apply, each designed to tackle a different skin issue.

I recommend them, if you’re looking for deep hydration and dewy skin!

Have you tried these before? Which ones have you tried? Let me know in the comments below!